The role of the PAC is support community involvement and the enrichment of our children's education.


Our Purpose

  • Work with the teachers, administrators, and staff as partners in order to provide the best for each child at South Park Family School according to his/her physical, mental, social, and emotional needs.

  • Support and enrich the activities for children at the school throughout active parent participation in the school.

  • Examine and discuss the current developments in the school curriculum, classroom programs, School Board policies, and Ministry of Education Plans.

  • Provide meaningful consultation and effective input into the decision making regarding community issues within the school.

  • Provide opportunities for the social interaction of families, staff, and students in school affairs.

  • Provide financial assistance or support of cultural, recreational and educational programmes of the school, and ensure inclusive participation in school life for all families.

  • Provide opportunities for the school to participate in the greater community.

South Park isn’t just a school. It’s a true community. A place where we ALL come together. I am grateful to have met wonderful folks here and to work side by side with amazing individuals to make South Park great!
— Jenn Sutton, South Park PAC Chair

What We've Achieved

  • Numerous upgrades to outdoor playground with latest in 2016.

  • Annual successful Auction Gala as our largest fundraiser.

  • Funding of outdoor equipment for learning in the park (e.g., sit upons, backpacks), 2018.

  • Community building events that include larger community (e.g., Spring Fling and Holiday Craft Fair), annually.

  • Childcare funded for Family Meetings, Student Led Conferences, PAC GMs, and Parent Education nights.

  • Annual contributions to teacher's fund, whole school beach days, clayroom, grade 5 grade fund, and whole school productions. (This funding lessens the burden on our families paying out of pocket costs for same.)

  • Funding for classroom technology (e.g., Chrome books).

  • Improved school safety related to parking and alternatve transportation to school.

  • Ongoing funding of special requests by teachers to enhance learning environemnt for our children.