Welcome To South Park Family School!

At South Park we have a wonderful, inclusive, and very parent driven community. This is one of the things that makes our school truly unique and special.

As a Family School, we have a special history and philosophical approach which nurtures our children and helps to maintain the community as a whole.

Whether you are a new family to South Park, or a family wanting to dig deeper into how and why we do things, please take a look around these information pages and feel free to contact the PAC with any questions or comments. 

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about us

South Park Family School is a school of choice within the Greater Victoria School District, based on a philosophy of cooperative parent participation. Learning through play, hands-on experiences and a focus on process over product are part of this philosophy. Staff, parents and students work together to support a community where the arts and the environment are integral to all aspects of learning. Music, choir, dance, theatre and authentic two and three dimensional art, as well as regular outdoor experiences are part of every classroom. Fostering creative and critical thinking and a strong connection to nature are emphasized. Social responsibility is developed through a multitude of collaborative experiences including multi-age classes, multi-class activities, community service, whole school projects, performances and whole school themes. It is a long time practice for students to remain with the same teacher for two years, or with a group of known peers if the classroom teacher changes.

Student progress is documented without letter grades in a three way reporting process that uses specific, meaningful feedback from teachers and parents combined with student self-reflection, in order to create a community focused on supporting students’ successes and challenges.

As part of their commitment to the family school community and philosophy, parents are expected to be directly and meaningfully involved in their child’s classroom and in the greater school community; supporting both their own child and their peers. Parents participate in three class meetings each year and two student-led conferences annually for each of their enrolled children. Families also initiate and lead projects and learning opportunities around the school and volunteer their time to support class enrichment activities, field trips, fundraising initiatives and school community events throughout the year. All staff and parents are addressed by their first names, thus enhancing and supporting the family feeling of the school. South Park Family School’s focus on cooperation and collaboration supports self-awareness and empathy amongst all it members.

As a parent participation school, we work collectively to create a vibrant and innovative community of learners.


parent involvement

As a Family School, we value parent participation in enhancing our children's education through active volunteering for events and tasks. We have a wide array of opportunities that range from classroom specific opportunities to supporting the whole school community. Some of these opportunities are required during school time. However, many are able to be completed outside of working hours.

It is with involvement of the whole school community that we are able to enrich our children's education. Not only at school, but with our time spent with them.


what makes south park, south park?

One of the most wonderful things about South Park is that our students and families come from all over the city to learn at our historic school. We are located in beautiful James Bay, across from Beacon Hill Park, where our children are often found learning with their classroom teachers.

Overall, the families at our school look to this as a place to build community. Strangers to each other when we start, we often leave with lasting friendships and long lasting memories. The halls are often filled with parents putting in time to enhance learning or support teachers.

Our arts programs are a significant focus of the school and the children will often be found creating masterpieces in various mediums including using our very own Clayroom and kiln!

Our music program is truly a gift and we are fortunate to have amazing teachers that nurture this aspect of our children's life. Whether it's learning to play the xylophone for the first time, participating in our primary or senior choir, or learning to play stringed instruments. The kids are truly fortunate.



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