Class Coordinators

Class Coordinators (CC) are the liaison between the teacher, parents, and PAC and have an important role in keeping everyone connected and "in the know"! Their role is incredibly valuable and relied upon to keep things running smoothly.

Duties typically involve: developing a relationship with the teacher and liaising with parents to support class needs (e.g., volunteers, sharing/distribution of information, sending reminders), developing and maintaining an email list/Facebook page (depending on class desires), and supporting the school community through soliciting of volunteers for whole school events and distribution of PAC information.

Support is provided to CCs by the Vice Chair of Coordinators throughout the year and through the Class Coordinator Facebook page. Interested individuals are asked to nominate themselves in the first week of school, and a draw will be completed to select a CC should there be multiple individuals interested.

Questions to VC of Coordinators Jenn Turnbull-Aherne at