South Park History and Philosophy

South Park Family School has been in existence since 1974. You can find details of our school's history and philosophy in the pages of the South Park Handbook below.  The Handbook also reviews expectations of parents and their involvement in the South Park community, parent involvement, and other school information.


south park Handbook

Please review the newly revised South Park Family School Handbook. Information in its pages will help to clarify the South Park approach.

south park glossary

Like most communities, South Park has a number of events and terms that can take some time to become familiar with. Please take a look at the newly updated glossary to help get to know our community or clarify how things are done!



south park school: Through the Decades

By Debbie Marchand and Linda Picciotto (former teachers!)

Want detailed info about South Park Family School? Read the book about South Park! Take a stroll through the memories of folks who have been a part of South Park's history. The book is not currently being sold but can be found in our very own South Park Library! It's worth the read! Info from when we became a family school can be found starting at page 109.