Parking at the school is at a minimum. The parking lot next to the annex is primarily for staff only. There are a few unmarked spaces that are occasionally used by parents when volunteering. However, the lot is open only to staff members from 8:40-9:10 and 2:45-3:15 as there was difficulty in staff accessing the parking lot during peak drop off and pick up times.

There are two parking spaces available in the parking lot for individuals with disabilities. Designated disability parking placards must be displayed appropriately.

Parking in the white zone on Michigan street in front of the school is designated for drop off and pick up only. Please do not park and accompany your child in. They are designed to be a space where parents can quickly drop/pick up the children and move on.

Please do not stop or park in the yellow zones along Michigan street. Stopping in these areas, especially during congestion, creates safety concerns as vehicles and children become difficult to see. Signs have been posted to serve as reminders. Thank you!

The suggested area for parking for parents is along Douglas Street and is designated as a 5 min school parking. Parking here for school use beyond five minutes is acceptable and if you should receive a parking fine from the city, please see the principal in the office to discuss.

Two hour parking spaces can also be found around the school area. However, please consider parking further from the school and walking for a few minutes. This has the benefit of relieving congestion, but also giving you time to spend with your child on their way to or home from school.

Look for the "Drive-to-Five" parking signs! Beacon Hill Park is a wonderful place to park and walk through on your way to the school. It is a designated “Drive-to-Five” and you will not be ticketed for parking there and walking to the school.

Any issues or concerns, please contact the Safety Committee to discuss.