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Family Meetings

Three times per year, the families of each division come together in the classroom to meet with the teacher and other parents. These meetings are to bring the classroom "family" together where the teacher will share information about what is happening in the classroom. Information that is important to families will be discussed.

Each family is expected to send at least one representative. OSC childcare is provided for free for families to attend, and is funded by the PAC.

Classroom coordinators will also share information about the PAC and will take issues important to the families back to the PAC.

Meetings are typically held in September, January, and April. These dates are tentatively set by June each year. However, teachers do not sign up their individual divisions until a couple weeks before the meeting date.

If you are unable to attend your division's family meeting, please let your CC and teacher know. One member of the division will be responsible for taking minutes and these will be distributed by your CC for reference.